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About The City Monument Company

For four generations, families have trusted City Monument Company to create timeless tributes, custom granite and bronze memorials that are as unique as the people they honor. We take the time to know each customer and listen to your loved one's life story. Then, we craft a headstone that meets your special needs and transcends the ordinary. To order a monument, gravestone, headstone, cemetery marker or memorial, call (305) 594-4628 or visit our showroom at 8483 NW 64th Street in Miami, Florida. We are located near the Miami, International Airport. We serve communities and families in Miami Florida, Miami-Dade County, other states in the U.S. and the Caribbean islands.

Our firm is considered one the leading grave marker designers in the memorialization industry because of our commitment to professional standards and the culture of ethical conduct within our business. At City Monument Company, experience, artistry, and trust define who we are. Our design staff can help you express individuality through distinctive products and unlimited design possibilities. We understand the deep feelings involved in the process of commemorating the life of a loved one. We perform our memorialization work with incredible care and attention to detail. Our award winning monument designers, artists, stone carvers and granite sculptors understand the importance of crafting the perfect monument for people that earned the timeless respect and honor of their families and communities. The Lafresnaye family members and employees have delivered exceptional products since the 1940's, making us an established and trusted monument company.

Click Here to View Pictures of Flat Grave Marker for Sale and Get Prices

Flat Marker Design Photo Galleries Include Pictures, Decscriptions and Prices for the Following Types of Cemetery Memorials for Sale:

Single or Individual Flat Granite Grave Markers  |  Double or Companion Flat Markers  |  Flat Grave Markers for Infants, Babies and Children  |  Jewish Flat Markers

Additional Information: Flat markers are also referred to as flush memorials, flush markers, flat bronze grave markers, lawn level markers, flat tombstones, flat headstones and flat gravestones. Read example epitaphs, sayings, verses and quotes that can be inscribed and engraved on flat markers.

View Pictures of Headstones for Sale from the City Monument Company of Miami, Florida

Headstone Design Photo Galleries Include Pictures, Descriptions and Prices for the Following Types of Upright or Raised Cemetery Gravestones for Sale

Slant Markers  |  Bevel Markers  |  Jewish Slant Markers  |  Jewish Bevel Markers

Additional Information: Learn about Headstone Prices and Gravestones for Miami, Florida Cemeteries. Read example epitaphs, sayings, verses and quotes that can be inscribed and engraved on headstones. Learn about ordering, buying and purchasing headstones.  Headstones are commonly called upright granite headstones, custom headstones, memorial headstones, memorial monuments, memorial tombstones, memorial grave markers, memorial stones, upright companion headstones, slant headstones, headstones for graves, cemetery headstones, granite memorial headstones, monument headstones and raised headstones. Learn how to choose a monument, memorial or grave marker design.

View Upright Monument Design Gallery Photos and Get Prices from the City Monument Company of Miami, Florida

Upright Monument Design Photo Galleries Include Pictures, Decscriptions and Prices for the Following Types of Granite Cemetery Memorials for Sale

Individual or Single Upright Monuments to Mark 1 Grave  |  Double or Companion Upright Granite Monuments to Mark 2 Graves  |  Family or Estate Monuments to Mark 3 or More Graves  |  Individual or Single Upright Monuments for Jewish Families and Jewish Cemeteries  |  Double or Companion Upright Granite Monuments to Mark 2 Graves for Jewish Families and Jewish Cemeteries  |  Family or Estate Monuments to Mark 3 or More Graves for Jewish Families and Jewish Cemeteries  |  Upright Monuments, Headstones and Gravestones for Families and Cemeteries in the Caribbean Islands and West Indies  |  Upright Granite Monuments With Customized Chinese Lettering, Chinese Imagery, Chinese Symbols and Chinese Design Characteristics  |  Greek Cemetery Monuments and Grecian Style Memorials That Use Greek Symbols, Designs and Imagery  |  Granite Memorial Benches, Graveside Benches and Cemetery Cremation Benches  |  Private and Family Mausoleums 

Additional Information:

View Flat Bronze Marker, Bronze Memorial Design Photos, Prices

Flat Bronze Grave Marker Design Photo Galleries Include Pictures, Decscriptions and Prices for the Following Types of Bronze Cemetery Memorial Markers for Sale

Individual or Single Flat Bronze Markers  |  Companion or Double Flat Bronze Markers  |  Flat Bronze Markers for Jewish Families and Cemeteries  |  Bronze Markers for Veterans  |  Flat Bronze Markers that Memorialize a Child, Infant or Baby

Additional Information: Bronze Markers are also referrred to as bronze gravestones, bronze headstones, bronze memorials, bronze monuments, bronze markers for cemeteries, bronze memorial plaques, bronze memorial markers, brass markers, flat bronze grave markers and bronze markers for graves.

Additional Cemetery and Memorial Product Design Photo Galleries Include Pictures, Decscriptions and Prices for the Following Types of Cemetery Memorial for Sale

Monuments and Grave Markers with Etchings and Engraved Scenes  |  Granite and Bronze Ledgers and Grave Covers  |  Porcelain Pictures and Ceramic Photos Attached to Monuments  |  On-Site Cemetery Engraving of Names and Dates on Monuments and Headstones in Miami  |  Design Gallery  |  Veteran's Grave Markers Issued by the U.S. Government  |  Bronze Plaques, Commemorative Products for Sale in Miami  |  Miami Cremation Memorial Products: Urns, Benches, Pillars  |  Photos of Cremation Memorials for Sale with Prices  |  Photos of Cremation Urns for Sale with Prices 

Browse Our "Public Work" Design Gallery Photos to See Examples of our Miami Community Project Work Unrelated to Cemetery Monuments and Memorials

View Veterans Memorials, Signs, Civic Projects and House Numbers. View pictures and designs of community projects designed and built by the City Monument Company of Miami, Florida. Get pricing information for veterans monuments, granite and bronze signs and stone house numbers. Learn about the civic memorials we have completed for educational organizations, municipalities, cities, towns, religious entities and other groups.

Additional Cemetery and Memorial Related Services and Helpful Information and Resources for Consumers and Customers

City Monument Company List of Services Performed in Miami, Florida  |  Example Epitaphs, Inscriptions, Sayings, Verses, Poems and Quotes to Engrave on Headstones and Monuments for Miami Cemeteries  |  Information about Hebrew Inscriptions on Gravestones  |  About The City Monument Company of Miami, Florida - In Spanish  |  Learn about the City Monument Company Headquartered in Miami, Florida  |  Read City Monument Company Customer Testimonials and Reviews  |  Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Gravestone, Grave Marker and Headstone Designs, Materials, Carving, Etching and Miami Cemeteries  |  Rules, Regulations and Guidelines for Use of Grave Markers, Headstones, Granite Monuments and Lawn Level Markers Within Cemeteries In Miami, Florida and Miami-Dade County  |  Monument Design Process and Facility  |  City Monument Company and Our Affiliated Organizations  |  Affiliated Companies  |  Monument Buyers Guide  |  Pet Memorials, Pet Grave Markers, Pet Memorial Stones and Pet Urns for Sale at Our Miami ShowroomHave the Talk of a Lifetime  |  Pricing and Ordering Info

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