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Bronze Baby Gravestone Sold by the City Monument Company

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Bronze Markers for Children

Bronze Baby Gravestone Sold by the City Monument Company

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The bronze baby gravestone, pictured above, was sold to the Roberts family by the City Monument Company of Miami, Florida. It features three small footprints and the child's name, Natalie Roberts is inscribed on the bronze plaque along with her birth date, January 12th, 2005 and her death date, February 3rd, 2005. The bronze baby gravestone is comprised of a small rectangular bronze plaque attached to a granite base. Our firm is renowned throughout South Florida for our personalized bronze memorialization work which is showcased in most of the cemeteries in Miami-Dade County and the Miami metropolitan area.

The City Monument Company designs individualistic bronze cemetery markers for babies, bronze headstones for kids and bronze grave markers for toddlers that commemorate the life of a child for families in Miami, South Florida, Miami-Dade County and the Caribbean Islands. We are also experts at inscribing epitaphs, quotations and other short sayings that honor deceased infants. We design and manufacture bronze baby gravestones in our showroom and production facility in Miami, Florida. Once they are finished, we then deliver the bronze baby gravestones to cemeteries in South Florida or ship them to various locations outside of South Florida. Call 305-594-4628 if you are interested in purchasing an infant bronze headstone similar in style to the one pictured on this page. We will be happy to provide you with a price estimate. Click here to go to our Infant and Child Bronze Monument Design Gallery to get more design ideas for a bronze and granite gravestone for a child. Bronze headstones for children are valued by bereaved parents because they help to honor their loss and grief. Children's memorials also convey to the community that this very young person's life was special.

Call us at 305-594-4628 or visit our showroom at 8483 NW 64th Street in Miami to learn about your personalization options for bronze markers for newborns. You can choose from a wide variety of bronze and granite colors, designs fitting for a tribute to a little one, symbolic emblems, artwork and lettering. Our bronze markers for children often are designed with meaningful imagery to accompany the boy's or girl's name, and birth and death dates. Some of the most popular cemetery memorials for children are heart-shaped and teddy bear shaped plaques that are securely fastened to flat granite bases. Common emblems cast in the bronze plaques include pacifiers, toy building blocks, praying angles, Mary and her lamb, a bib, an angel and lamb, a rattle or butterflies. Some families who order bronze markers from our company choose to provide us with one of their favorite photos of their progeny. We then create a porcelain or ceramic copy of the baby picture and attach it to the bronze plaque or grave marker. Some bronze markers that we fabricate also include an attached bronze vase for flowers.

Cemeteries in Miami, South Florida, throughout the United States and the Caribbean islands offer many different options for the memorialization of a youngster. Our experienced staff is always glad to help our customers with ideas for infant gravestones. We have years of experience helping parents to choose appropriate and charming bronze markers for their babe that passed away. Families that don't bury their baby or experienced a miscarriage, will frequently choose to place a memorial marker in a cemetery. Bronze markers for stillborn babies usually are inscribed with just a single date, rather than a birth and death date. Some our our clients who had a miscarriage or who didn't bury their infant still choose to order a beautiful and durable bronze plaque attached to a sturdy granite base. Once we manufacture the memorial marker, it is then delivered to a cemetery where it is set on a plot.

High quality bronze markers and bronze memorials are normally manufactured using a process called casting. Bronze is an alloy made from copper and other metals. This alloy is much harder than plain copper. The experienced memorial designers at the City Monument Company work with families during the design phase by explaing the various bronze grave marker options. Bronze memorial plaques are produced using a sand mold. Molten bronze is poured into the mold. The bronze markers then go through a process called chasing which removes imperfections. Brown paint is often applied but the top edges of lettering and design features retain the original bronze color which produces a contrasting effect. Flush bronze plaques are often attached to a granite base with brass fasteners. Epitaphs are frequently added to bronze markers and bronze plaques. Once the bronze marker has been completed, it is then delivered to a cemetery and installed. Our company has produced durable and timeless cast bronze memorialization tributes for some of Miami, Florida's leading citizens.

For more ideas on choosing a bronze marker for an infant or child, click here.

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