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Pictures of Jewish 24” Single Bevel Markers for Cemeteries

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Jewish Bevel Markers

Pictures of Jewish 24” Single Bevel Markers for Cemeteries

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View pictures of Jewish 24” single bevel markers used to mark gravesites and burial plots in Jewish cemeteries. The individual bevel marker pictured above was designed to memorialize deceased members of Jewish families. The Jewish single bevel marker pictured above was purchased by the Hoffberg family to memorialize the life of Nora Ira Hoffberg (September 18, 1942 - February 19, 2013). It features an engraving of the Star of David on the left side of the face of the marker. The epitaph below his name, birth and death date reads "A Kind And Gentle Man". The inscription contains Hebrew and English lettering.  It was made from a Barre Gray granite.

View pictures of Jewish bevel, hickey and pillow markers for sale at the City Monument Company. Get prices by calling 305-594-4628. Jewish bevel markers are for sale at the City Monument Company showroom in Miami, Florida or by telephone. Read example epitpahs that can be inscribed on the face of a Jewish grave maker or Jewish monument. Click here to download our Hebrew Inscription Form. Prices for single or individual bevel markers generally range from $950.00 to $1,400.00. Companion or double bevel markers usually cost between $1,400.00 - $1,900.00.

Learn how to buy a Jewish bevel grave marker on the City Monument Company web site. Read example epitaphs and inscriptions for mothers. To purchase a bevel grave marker, call 305-594-4628. You can also order a bevel memorial online from the City Monument Company by browsing our design gallery. When you find one you like, click on "Place Your Order Online", complete the form and click "Submit". We will follow up with you to work out the details of your order.

A bevel top marker is type of raised headstone that lays flat on the ground at the head of the grave. This type of memorial is rectangular in shape, is usually about 8 inches thick and has a slanted and polished face on the front. It sits above grade and can be seen above the grass. A bevel memorial has a 2” pitch, or bevel, from front to back, making it easier to find in the cemetery than a lawn level or flat grave marker. The back of a bevel shaped headstone is about 2 to 3 inches higher than the front which creates the sloping appearance. The sloping effect makes it easier for visitors to the gravesite to read the engravings, epitaphs and inscriptions. Customers of the City Monument Company frequently buy bevel memorials at our showroom in Miami, Florida because they are more affordable than upright monuments, because they offer more options for engravings and stylistic enhancements than flat markers and because they are easier to locate in the cemetery grounds than a flush memorial. Floral vases, ceramic photos and porcelain pictures can be attached to the granite gravestone. They are also referred to as slant markers, hickey markers or pillow markers.

When bevel markers or bevel memorials are set above a grave in a cemetery or memorial park, they are usually set on a concrete or granite foundation. These burial plot markers are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Typical granite colors used to make bevel markers include red, black, gray, blue, pink and mahogany. These types of cemetery memorials are made from high quality granite. Unique designs can be engraved, hand etched or laser etched on the polished surface of these popular cemetery memorials by the expert stonecutters at the City Monument Company. They are normally used to mark the graves of one or two people. Bevel markers that designate the location of the grave for one person are called individual bevel markers or single bevel markers. Bevel markers that designate the location of the graves for two people who are buried side by side are called double bevel markers or companion bevel markers. Because of the slope, rains drains off this type of monument to help wash off dust and dirt which helps them stay clean.

Call 305-594-4628 for pricing and ordering information. Click here to go to our Jewish bevel marker photo gallery to view more pictures of bevel markers and bevel monuments. View pictures of bevel grave marker designs before buying one so that you can get ideas and share them with your family. If you find any that you want a member of your family to see, click on the link above the picture that reads "Email This Design to a Family Member". If you want to know how much a specific headstone costs, click on the "Request a Price Estimate" link above the picture so that we can contact you to provide pricing information.

The City Monument Company, upon request, can include personal information in the form of epitaphs, inscriptions, sayings, quotes, poems or verses. We can also memorialize the person who died with images of the deceased in the form of hand or laser etchings or porcelain or ceramic portrait photos. The City Monument Company can enhance the appearance of a bevel style headstone by creating and attaching a porcelain photograph or ceramic portrait.

Read example sayings, verses and sample quotes to get ideas for a short epitaph or common inscription for the headstone. Choose from a variety of granite colors. Click here to contact the City Monument Company, headquartered in Miami, Florida. Click here to request a brochure. If you have a question about cemetery memorials, markers or monuments, click here to ask an expert designer.

Learn how to order a personalized grave marker, like the one pictured here, by calling the City Monument Company at 305-594-4628. One of our memorial designers can schedule a design consultation meeting to explain the process of ordering a personalized burial plot marker. You are also welcome to place your order over the phone. Our design consultants have been helping families order markers for decades. For driving directions to the showroom where you can order a personalized grave marker, click here. We are one of the most credible momument retailers in the United States. If you want to know how to buy a gravestone, call us and we can explain the various factors you should consider when ordering a customized grave marker for a cemetery. Our staff is very familiar with the rules and regulations specified by local cemeteries in the Miami, Florida area. When you visit our showroom, we will help you decide on the type of materials to be used. Bronze and granite are the most common materials used to make cemetery memorials. We can even design the gravestone on a CAD program while you watch and offer your design suggestions. We have many different example epitaphs and inscriptions for you to choose from during the design and ordering process. Once you have ordered a grave marker, we can provide you with a CAD rendering. During the design consultation, you can compare prices for various types of grave markers and monuments. We don't suggest that our customers order a grave marker impulsively and prefer that our clients take their time to make the right choice. We can also answer any questions you have about delivering the monument to a cemetery and the installation or setting process. Professionally designed cemetery monuments make the process of visiting a gravesite to remember a loved one more enjoyable.

The high quality granite cemetery lot markers made at the City Monument Company are the ideal type of gravestone to order for a cemetery memorial. Granite deteriorates at a very slow rate. Our monument company only uses the best memorial quality granite. We purchase our granite from the the best quarries available and offer a wide selection of elegant granite colors. Our manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida has perfected a top-notch grave marker quality control process. To learn more about cemetery monuments and memorials, how they are designed, what they cost, hand etching and laser etching, visit our FAQ page.

City Monument Company is uniquely qualified to assist you in selecting and manufacturing your memorial. Unlike many other monument retailers, we design and manufacture our memorials right on the premises, assuring the highest levels of quality and customer service. We are also proud to have our own designers to assist you should you have a special design in mind. Memorials come in a variety of shapes and colors. There are many different sizes, shapes, and colors of granite memorials. They can be flush to the ground (flat), slightly pitched (bevel), slanted (slant), or an upright monument which is usually a tablet on a base. We also offer mausoleums, benches and special memorials for cremains. In choosing a memorial, there are several important decisions that you will need to make.

Our firm is renowned throughout South Florida for our memorialization work which is showcased in Jewish cemeteries. The City Monument Company designs Jewish cemetery memorials, Jewish monuments, Jewish headstones, Jewish veteran's markers and Jewish grave markers for Jewish families in Miami, South Florida, Miami-Dade County and the Caribbean Islands. We design and manufacture Jewish grave markers in our showroom and production facility in Miami, Florida. Once they are finished, we then deliver the grave markers to cemeteries in South Florida or ship them to various locations outside of South Florida. Call 305-594-4628 if you are interested in purchasing a Jewish grave marker or monument similar in style to the one pictured on this page. We will be happy to provide you with a price estimate.

The City Monument Company specializes in designing and manufacturing grave markers for families whose religion is Judaism, who practice Judaism, who are descended from Jewish people, or who participate in the culture surrounding Judaism. We supply Jewish grave markers, Jewish headstones and Jewish monuments to people that are members of the people and cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism and who trace their origins through the ancient Hebrew people of Israel to Abraham. These grave markers and monuments are often set above graves in cemeteries in Miami, Florida such as the Greater Miami Jewish Cemetery, Mount Nebo/Kendall Memorial Gardens, Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery and other cemeteries that specialize in serving the Jewish community. The City Monument Company specializes in designing grave markers, headstones, gravestones and cemetery memorials that feature detailed religious artwork and imagery that embobies the Jewish faith. Jewish religious art uses symbols such as the the Menorah, the Torah, the Star of David and the Tree of Life. Click here to learn about symbols that are engraved, sculpted, etched, carved or inscribed on Jewish gravestones. We are also experts at inscribing epitaphs and other short sayings that honor the deceased using the Hebrew alphabet.

For more information about the Jewish community in Miami, Florida, visit the Greater Miami Jewish Federation web site at This organization works to enrich the quality of Jewish life in Miami-Dade County by investing in programs that build Jewish knowledge, identity and peoplehood. For more information about Jewish Cemeteries, visit the Jewish Cemetery Association of North America (JCANA) web site at

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